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Global Warming Ground Zero Blog

Official Targets set for Australian Carbon Emission Reduction

Today Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd has announced official 'White Paper' targets for Australia's Carbon Reduction. By 2020 he has set targets of 5 to 15% reduction in Carbon Emissions. The 5% is what Mr Rudd is committing to and 15% is what he would like to see be the Global Standard that he will follow should the world unite in this Global Emergency.

We now look forward to tomorrow's announcement from President Elect of the United States of America, Barack Obama, releasing who he has decided establish his 'Green Team'. We are about to see massive change right across the existence of human beings, because we are all in this together, healing or destroying the Earth on which we live and prosper. We have always been told to care for the Earth, in the Bible's Genesis and Revelations.

Today on ODCC TV we planted out first two tree's at our new Fraser Coast location and shortly after this was recorded, I met our neighbour who asked if we could propagate a few seeds from the local area for him to later plant in front of the Holiday Home they own. Sandy Feet Holiday Home, now seen on OneDollarCarbonCredits.com and Koala-Cottage.com ! Keep watching from late January when this exclusive and unique seed planting project begins! From here till there we will find tips, tricks and essential information for seed raising and share them right here!

Video - Discovered - Koala-Cottage | Global Warming Ground Zero

A new home for Farmer Christian (of myspace.com/FreedomRocksTV) @ Freedom Farm II including Elston Studios III right by the sea in the beautiful Fraser Coast of Queensland Australia is Koala-Cottage.com | Ground Zero for Global Warming.

By the bay edge the high tide slowly eats away anything in its path. So now you can watch this event happen day in day out live until the Big Storm arrives to make change happen. Introducing a new home for our Interactive Chat with Live Video stream thanks to ODCC TV (OneDollarCarbonCredits.com Television | justin.tv/odcc)!

And to expand our Carbon Offset projects you too can B SEEN @ Koala-Cottage.com | Lifetime, Premium or FREE! Every seed of faith planted grows! Thank-you, please enjoy.

New Banners to show you care and plant seeds of faith

Here is two sample New Banners I have created this afternoon and uploaded ready for you to share on your websites, blogs and journals. Actually, use them everywhere you can. The more you share them around the net, the more people will see how much you care. If we can raise raise $90,000 by Christmas 2008 I'll but a Yacht to visit the mangroves and key an eye on the dugong in the local bay. I will name her, Freedom Warrior One and if we only raise a few dollars for the the nursery, well I'll keep planting and watering what we have created already. I say this because the Opportunity is around at this moment in time, as is a small tinnie for $900 I'll cross which bridge when I get to it. Do you want you logo/company advertised on Freedom Warrior One? Contact me, visit Freedom4Life.com for contact options including direct via Yahoo! Watch our footer here, and if it has Yahoo, click and contact me direct! I'll add that tonight. You can always find them at 'Link to Us' in the top menu bar.

P.S. Hooray, now it's summer downunder! And World's AIDS Day, a time to reflect One World, One Planet, One Epidemic

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