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Extending Value, paying fees and leveling prices

Welcome to SUMMER downunder! Yes, It's the First of December which is first of an Australian Summer!
As things are going to get hot around here, we have leveled out our first months prices to offer better value right across the three grids of faith. Grids of Faith, Needs your Seeds planted and when you do plant, it needs to cover the paypal or e-gold or credit card fees so my 10 cents blocks just do not cover the fees, so Raise the bottom and level the middle making the top, lifetime blocks, the Best Value of all. There are still free blocks available! Premium and Free grids are now only Half Year (better than seasonal) purchases. As supply and demand fluctuates these prices may change however once bought, your Blocks and Pixels are locked with that time you buy, so if you bought Free for a Year then that is what you get, so if you buy Half Year blocks and we change them to Seasonal, you will still get the entire half year as agreed. So don't take forever, Christmas 2008 could become a peak season here and thus causing prices to fluctuate. When is the best time to contribute with you financial Seed of Faith? Today. Click 'Get Pixels' right now from our main menu above, then choose the Button for the Grid you want to B Seen on. Easy steps to follow and then your image and link are active (unless you post payment) which can take a while.

Keep watching over summer as the days are long and the nights are hot! It's New Moon tonight, so nights are getting brighter too!

Have a great Summer everyone and if Winter is just starting, enjoy the cold for a season will come and a season will go but memories are forever. Happy Days,
Farmer Christian

P.S. Our saved time is our server time in the United States of America Local time at writing is 1 December 09:38am

First Seeds are Planted in Project Nursery

At Koala-Cottage.com today our Live viewers watched as Farmer Christian began the seed planting process and received a surprise Australia Post delivery within minutes of starting this Twitter.com/Freedom4Life promoted broadcast. A week faster than expected my Vistaprint order arrived with Freedom4Life 's first T-Shirt. Woo Hoo. Our timing was perfect as for the first time i was able to meet Mr Postman who is happy to deliver to where couriers companies don't venture, even the ones that say they go everywhere! More on this another time, somewhere else as for now the good news is that during our future live broadcasts for Koala-Cottage.com you can watch these seeds grow and if you want to B SEEN then buy some blocks, lifetime, premium or free and with your contribution we can make this sandy soil, like at Glasshouse Mountains, become lush with Life! Our first seeds included some experimental planting of Mangrove Plants as well as paperbark trees, gum trees and lucky plants from leaf droppings. Our future will provide further seeds, seedlings and bromeliads. RSS Subscribe to this blog and be updated to our progress and who knows, maybe your contribution will be mentioned during our broadcasts and even this Blog! Maybe even bigger enough to for an Exclusive global Twitter with excitement!

Happy Days,
Farmer Christian

P.S. I'm sorry some of our Archive files are missing, this is a Justin.TV server issue and under investigation. Another reason to watch LIVE!

Our First Assignment: Project Nursery

Following our newest launch here at www.Koala-Cottage.com - Ground Zero of Global Warming comes our Our First Assignment: Project Nursery!. Watch live streaming video with Interactive Chat and Be Seen @ Koala-Cottage! How? Click 'Get Pixels' from the menu bar and then choose whether you want to be seen for the site's lifetime, a premium 12 month listing or select up to 2 Blocks free from the remaining Million Pixels on the front page, right below the Live ODCC TV video stream seen by potentially millions of future visitors to Koala-Cottage.com | Ground Zero of Global Warming How? Getting a million plus visitors requires a site's member who has free or paid advertising to then tell a couple or more people about Koala-Cottage.com and they should then do the same resulting eventually into a Tsunami of website visitors and viewers of your free or paid block ad. See now why Bigger is Better and Lifetime is Best! Prices are subject to change (with or without notice as like Big Business these days), mind you sometimes that means down. Like MillionDollarGlassHouses.com which is still running at 50% discount, like Koala-Cottage.com using Australian Dollars! That's right, what's your exchange conversion like, some people pay 41p and get a full Aussie Dollar! That's like getting DOUBLE YOUR VALUE FREE! Where does the Monetary Investment Go? Currently into PROJECT NURSERY@ Freedom FarmKoala-Cottage.com Watch live regularly as our empty nursery becomes full of life with plants such as Beans, Corn, Tomatoes with a variety of herbs and smaller garden vegetables. I have the space and time, I have the empty pots, I have lots of rain and sunlight what is missing is SEED RAISING MIX, FRESH SOIL, SEEDS, SEEDLINGS and these can by funded by someone just like YOU! Our further upgrades will include an exclusive PC / Camera for Koala-Cottage.com to free up my laptop for further social networking and site creation/enhancement. That's my update for now, see life happen @ Koala-Cottage! Happy Days, Farmer Christian (Gone Fishing at Koala-Cottage.com)

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Short movie of arrival photos at Koala-Cottage

Hello new visitors of Koala-Cottage.com if you have seen any of my other Freedom4Life.com network of sites you will already know that I am an avid photographer and videographer. In the late 1900's I worked as a Network Video, Videologist in Tropical North Queensland when a vision in my mind, heart and soul began, that vision has become the Freedom4Life (my) journey and now in late November 2008 I am now here. Koala-Cottage, Fraser Coast, Queensland Australia.

Please enjoy these first 33 photos. Be sure to RSS subscribe, many more to come including videos still in process.

Beta Launch - Koala-Cottage.com Pixel Advertsing at Ground Zero of Global Warming

Hello World!

This is the first entry, of this first Public Beta offering of Koala-Cottage.com Further design elements are under construction so RSS Subscribe and be informed of the happening, news and updates of Koala-Cottage.com We are the Brother Site of www.OneDollarCarbonCredits.com and as a marketplace ministry we are another Freedom4Life.com Production.

Koala-Cottage.com is now the staring Home/Studio of ODCC TV - OneDollarCarbonCredits.com television and from the front page of Koala-Cottage.com, soon you will have the ability to watch live broadcasts.

Keep watching and Keep Smiling!

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